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Photo credit: Albert See

I joined Red Sports at the end of 2018, but my first real assignment was to help cover the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) games. IVP is held annually in January. Since then, I’ve covered multiple sports: soccer, rugby, hockey, track and field, swimming… the list goes on.

Red Sports has afforded me the opportunity to learn from experienced, career photographers and media industry members like Stefanus Ian of Run & Gun Media

This photo was taken in March at Singapore Athletics’ 2019 track & field finals by a random photographer also trackside. He happened to offer to take a photo and we traded phone numbers. Sent this to me later over WhatsApp. Not the prettiest photo, nor the most glamorous, but thank you nonetheless Mr. Albert See. I covered steeplechase, hurdles, and other running/track-related events that day; must’ve contributed to at least ten articles.

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